April 16, 2021

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Defend Voting Rights and Fight Racism

The Republicans in Georgia and elsewhere are engaged in a thinly-disguised attempt to prevent Black people from voting. Although voting is insufficient to solve our problems, we must oppose this racist attack on our civil rights.

In Brief

COVID – The Terrible Truth

The truth came out that policies under the Trump administration increased the number of COVID deaths. But even under the Biden administration, with loosening restrictions, we risk more virus transmission.

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U.S. “Democracy”: A Dictatorship of the Rich

Some claim that the solution to ending the control of the rich over the system is to get money out of politics and demand more transparency. But how would this work, when the entire system serves the interests of the rich? We need a system that operates in the interest of the majority, not the interest of a small exploiting capitalist class. While the wealthy may own everything, working people are the ones who make it all run. That is where our power lies, in the workplaces and in the streets, not in the ballot box.

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