La Niña and Climate Change

La Niña, a climate pattern of the Pacific Ocean that recurs every 4 to 12 years, is expected to affect the United States between December 2021 and February 2022. The northern states are expected to see below-normal temperatures, while much of the South will experience above-normal temperatures and a decrease in precipitation.

Baltimore Events

Online Townhall Sat. November 6th

n the midst of a pandemic that has ravaged the world, especially its most marginalized communities, we have often found ourselves asking where we went wrong and how we could do better at health care.


The Hungarian Revolution of 1956

In 1956, the Hungarian masses of working people fought courageously, not for the implementation of capitalism, or a brutal rule by “socialist” or “communist” party bureaucrats, but for socialism built on their own genuine power as workers.


No Jab, No Job?

Vaccination is an effective measure against disease, but we should not blame the unvaccinated for the government’s response to the pandemic.


Climate Science Under Capitalism

Tackling the issue of climate change is the most urgent and pressing issue facing all of humanity around the world. Why shouldn’t all of our contributions be brought to the table, especially those on the frontlines who face the most immediate consequences?