Thousands March for Abortion Rights Across the Country

Demonstrators stand up for reproductive rights at the Women's March in Austin, Texas. (Image Credit: Evelyn Hockstein)

On October 2, in over 600 protests, thousands of people gathered across all 50 states in the U.S. to defend abortion access. Following the passage of a Texas law that bans abortions after just six weeks of pregnancy, this unprecedented attack on abortion rights sparked outrage across the country. People came out to show their opposition.

The protests were lively, bringing together people from all different ages, communities, and backgrounds. People held signs that read: “I can’t believe I’m still marching,” “Keep abortion safe and legal,” and “It’s time to march.” Chants of “Our bodies! Our rights! We won’t give up without a fight!” rang out through the crowds. For some it was their first protest. Others were there because they originally became active in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and wanted to continue the fight. Others had been fighting against oppression for decades.

October 2 was a powerful show of opposition. Protests like these give us a chance to stand together, to know we aren’t alone in our frustration and anger, and to feel inspired by the reality of our numbers. But, as many know, our fightback doesn’t stop there. We face a system that will continue to attack women, people of color, and the planet, while exploiting the working class and poor. Marches such as these are an essential part of the fight against gender oppression.  They are also part of our resistance on many fronts.