Celebrate Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Birthday—Demand His Freedom Today!

Demonstrations in Oakland Today!

Mumia Abu-Jamal is a political prisoner in the United States. In 1981, Philadelphia police framed him for the murder of a cop. Why? He was an active organizer for the Black Panther Party and a journalist who challenged the racist system we live under. He has been in prison since then, for 40 years, most of it on death row, and has continued to speak out against the system.

Mumia has had many serious health problems in prison, most recently COVID-19 and congestive heart failure. He survived heart surgery on Monday and should not be forced to continue his recovery in chains! For more information on Mumia, see the Speak Out Now article about his COVID diagnosis.

Today, April 24, is Mumia’s birthday. Supporters are organizing demonstrations around the U.S. demanding his freedom, including one in Oakland detailed here. Look for a demonstration where you are.

Free Mumia Now!

Join us for demonstrations to call for Mumia’s release!

  1. March and Car Caravan on Mumia’s Birthday

OAKLAND: April 24th, 2021, 12 PM:

Assemble at Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway, and march to Alameda County Courthouse, 1221 Fallon Street.

Rally on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse, where the Panthers demonstrated for Huey P Newton, on Mumia’s Birthday!

2. OAKLAND: April 24th at 3 PM: 

Rally To Demand Immediate Release of Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Assemble at Mandela Parkway and Huey P Newton Way (9th St.)

This message from the Labor Action to free Mumia Abu-Jamal