Review: American Dreams by the San Francisco Mime Troupe

American Dreams

A play for our time…

This summer’s San Francisco Mime Troupe’s production, American Dreams, is a show not to be missed. It is a musical comedy for people of all ages. A lively song-filled exploration of the challenges faced by a grandfather and his granddaughter, with the presidential election a few months away.

The Mime Troupe is not silent in any way. It is loud and musical – playing in parks throughout the San Francisco Bay Area – from San Francisco to Oakland, Berkeley, Cotati, Davis and more. Check the schedule for dates and times.

The Mime Troupe is a ”People’s Theater” so there is no charge to attend. Because it is the people’s theater it is not funded by the big corporations. (They wouldn’t like the play.)

Enjoy the show and show your appreciation by making a generous donation when you leave.

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