East Oakland Residents Left In The Dark And Cold

On January 5, an electrical fire broke out in the basement of an 18-unit apartment complex in East Oakland. As a consequence, tenants who range from a newborn child, to a pregnant woman, to an elderly person in their 80s, have had to go over two weeks without electricity, gas, heating or hot water.

With no electricity, how can people refrigerate food or charge their phone batteries?  With no heating, how can people warm their homes during the cold and wet month of January? With no lights, how can students do their homework?

From the property management company, Selborne Properties, there have been no real answers. For much of the time, tenants say that the landlord has ignored their maintenance requests. Only recently has management told the residents that they didn’t need to pay the rent for January until the issue is resolved. But so what? The checks for the month have already been sent. But more importantly, why should the tenants have to tolerate this disrespect and neglect… and this risk to their very lives?

Selborne Properties is a major property management company that runs this apartment complex and properties throughout the Bay Area. They can be contacted here.

Let Selborne Properties know that the residents deserve better! They deserve results, not talk!