Six Immigrant Bridge Workers – All Members of the Working Class

And as the deaths of these six immigrants remind us, the working class is international. We exist in every nation on earth, and because we don’t own profit producing property, we are forced to work for those who exploit our labor for profit. Despite all our differences, we have far more in common with working people born in other countries than we do with a boss who might have been born in the country we happen to live in. And once we realize that and begin to act on that fundamental fact, then we can begin to use our collective power.


No to the Massacre in Rafah Carried Out in Our Name!

We can build on what has started, and begin to spread our movement, to stand in support of the Palestinian people, in any way we can. The bombs that destroy their hospitals, the tanks that fire on their homes and crush their tents, the artillery and bullets that rip through people’s bodies indiscriminately, leaving thousands dead, — all are paid for by our tax dollars. This genocidal assault is being carried out in our name. It must be stopped, and it’s our responsibility, living in the U.S., Israel’s chief ally and weapons dealer, to end this war. #FreePalestine #StopGenocide