End the War on the People of Ukraine!

Russia’s war on Ukraine marks the beginning of a new era of intensified global conflict — a rivalry of imperialist powers, what some call “the great power competition” of a multi-polar world, between the U.S. and Europe on the one hand and Russia and China on the other. This is a competition to redivide the world into new spheres of influence, for new terms in the global arrangement of economic and military domination.


End the War on the People of Ukraine

We need to raise our voices in support of the Ukrainian people — not the big powers that are locked in a struggle for control and domination of the region. We cannot ignore the plight of the people of the region. To be silent is to give consent.


The U.S. and Russia Escalate Tension Over Ukraine

The struggle between Russia and the U.S. to dominate this region of the world puts the whole world at risk. This reckless conflict is just another example of the complete bankruptcy of the global capitalist system, where major powers will risk all-out war and countless lives to enhance their economic dominance.


Climate Science Under Capitalism

Tackling the issue of climate change is the most urgent and pressing issue facing all of humanity around the world. Why shouldn’t all of our contributions be brought to the table, especially those on the frontlines who face the most immediate consequences?

Baltimore Events

Online Townhall (Oct. 17, 2020)

For more than a century, the ruling class of the U.S. has ruthlessly exploited the people and resources of Central and South America. In response, the population has resisted or fled, often ending up in the land of their oppressor.