George W. Bush Admits to War Crimes

Image credit: George W. Bush Presidential Center

Several weeks ago at his presidential library in Dallas, Texas, George W. Bush possibly told us directly about how he really saw his invasion of Iraq. In a speech denouncing Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Bush let a “Freudian slip” sneak through during his speech. In critiquing Putin, he said, “the result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq – I mean of Ukraine.” After an awkward pause and laughter from the audience, he muttered, “Iraq too, anyway…” After realizing what he admitted, Bush then tried to play it off as a simple mistake of his age, saying “I’m 75.”

The Bush administration’s unjustified invasion of Iraq left hundreds of thousands of people dead and entire communities ripped apart. While the war was sold to the public based on lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, American occupation forces utilized chemical weapons such as depleted uranium and white phosphorous. Massacres of civilians were carried out in cities like Fallujah, and widespread torture was carried out in detention centers like the Abu Ghraib prison.

No doubt, Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and an aggressor with his invasion of Ukraine. But he is not the only one in the world today. George W. Bush knows a war criminal when he sees one. Why? Because he is one!