United States: Violent Enabler of More Violence

U.S. Navy carrier strike group in the Mediterranean Sea which was used to support Israel's invasion of Gaza in October 2023. Image source: Jacob Mattingly via U.S. Department of Defense.

Does it seem like in the past few months someone is shooting up the neighborhood (in this case, our world)? If it seems that way to you, you’re not wrong. And if it seems like the U.S. is the shooter, you’d be right.

The U.S. has many hundreds of military bases, installations, facilities, storage centers, and airfields in at least 80 nations around the world, far more than any other nation on earth.

The U.S. is currently supporting a massive war effort by Ukraine against the Russian invasion and occupation. While the Ukrainian people have an absolute right to defend themselves against Russia, the U.S. government seems to value them as cannon fodder in its ongoing dominance of Europe. It’s also financing (and has financed for decades) the Israeli military, which is currently (and once again) committing untold atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. And the U.S. itself is now actively using missiles, drones, and carrier-based jets to attack targets in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. And it’s done this plenty of times before to other nations.

The U.S. government is at war, using our name. They always tell us it’s in our best interests and against some evil-doer, which they might call terrorism or whatever. But they are threatening to lead us and the rest of the world to even bigger conflicts with more dangerous weapons. One thing they don’t like to tell us is how much of our tax money is going to war-profiteering corporations that stay fat off of these horrors.