Israel’s Attack on Gaza – A Daily Massacre

People search for survivors and the bodies of victims through buildings that were destroyed during Israeli bombardment in the southern Gaza Strip on October 25, 2023. {MAHMUD HAMS / AFP}

Gaza is in ruins as Israeli forces pound the occupied territory for a 17th day. At least 5,000 Palestinians are dead including 2,000 children. To understand this, consider that one child is being killed every fifteen minutes by bombs. More than 15,000 people have been wounded in the bombardments. The Israeli military has cut off power, food, water and medicine, only allowing a few dozen international aid trucks with supplies to cross from Egypt into Gaza. Make no mistake, the aid is nowhere near enough, only four percent of the amount of supplies coming into Gaza before this latest siege. There is not enough food or water for people to live for very long. Doctors are performing surgery while their patients scream without anesthesia. Babies in incubators risk being killed if the fuel to power hospital generators runs out.

Israel has ordered 1.2 million Palestinians living in the North of Gaza to relocate to the South, while at the same time it continues to bomb the South, even bombing those who are following the evacuation orders and fleeing.

Meanwhile, in the West Bank, the other part of the occupied territories not ruled by Hamas, 89 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,000 have been arrested in recent attacks by the Israeli military, which included air strikes on the city of Jenin. Dozens of those killed were murdered by illegal settlers whose goal is to drive Palestinians out of the West Bank.

According to the Netanyahu government, this is only the beginning. The ground invasion has yet to begin, and when it starts, the massacres that will result will be unimaginable. Gaza is bleeding while the world is watching! In the face of this slaughter, Biden has said to Israel that he will “continue to have Israel’s Back as you work to defend your people.” As if this genocidal slaughter could be called self-defense! We must do everything in our power to oppose Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people and the support that is given to it by the U.S. government!