NY/NJ Port Workers For Peace Say, “Stop Genocide in Palestine.”

About 20 organizers and supporters for New York/New Jersey Port Workers For Peace: Stop Genocide in Palestine, held a rally on Friday, March 1 near the Elizabeth Marine Terminal, NJ to rally support for the Palestinian people. The aim was to alert and educate dock workers and truckers about Israel’s genocidal attacks against the Palestinian people, and the role they could play in preventing the shipment of weapons and other materials to Israel by refusing to load ships of the Israeli-based company, Zim Shipping.

Over one thousand flyers were distributed, and there were direct engagements with a number of dock workers and truckers. Tables were set up with free hot coffee, posters, signs and Palestinian flags as a welcome gesture to all. The small contingent of activists received an overwhelmingly positive response from truckers accepting flyers and taking the time to listen.