The White House Cheers, but Testing is a Disaster

From the daily White House website for April 28:

The United States has passed South Korea, considered the gold standard by the media, in testing for the coronavirus, and, in hot spots like New York City, has done several times more per capita than the Asian nation,” Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner. Over 5 million tests have been conducted in America to date, thanks to close partnership between the Trump Administration and the private sector.

Nonsense! The U.S. isn’t testing, contact tracing, and isolating as was done in South Korea. Currently South Korea is down to zero new cases of COVID-19, and the U.S. on April 29 was at 23,901 new cases, the most in the world! With cases just beginning to surge in many states, testing still lagging, and no contact tracing, the U.S. disaster is only just beginning. The Trump administration can polish a turd all they want, but the facts speak for themselves – the claims that they are doing an effective job are B.S.

Featured image credit: Mandy Foster