Left Without Plumbing: Society’s Priorities Exposed

In the U.S. there are 470,000 dwellings with inadequate plumbing. Nearly a million homes lack complete and functioning kitchens. More than 4 million homes are overcrowded with multiple people living in the same room. In fact, these conditions are found across all states, from small-town Alaska to New York City, where an aid to a city council person lives in tight quarters with six family members. This is according to a Kaiser Health News analysis of data from the Census Bureau and the Housing Assistance Council in Washington, D.C.

How do you wash your hands multiple times a day? How can you cook and get enough to eat? How could you social distance in these conditions?

Poverty condemns millions of people in the U.S to sickness and death. Does anything say more clearly what the priorities of capitalist society are?

Featured image credit: Joaqlin Estus / KNBA
Bagged sewage in a landfill outside Kivalina, Alaska, a Native village that has little indoor plumbing.