Instability on All Fronts

Finding Housing During a Pandemic

If the global pandemic situation wasn’t hard enough to deal with, some of us are finding ourselves in an even more complicated situation by having to find new housing during this time. This virus doesn’t seem to care about timing.

Anybody living in the Bay Area knows that housing is a nightmare, but COVID-19 has made it a real-life horror. Not only is rent already exorbitantly high, but now so many of us have had our hours cut or been laid off from our jobs that covering rent and buying groceries seems like a fantasy. Now, trying to apply for rentals that require an income three time the cost of rent is basically impossible and make our applications look like jokes to the landlords.

In order to mitigate the cost problem many of us choose to find collective living situations, but this comes with its own set of hurdles. Most people have a huge concern about moving in with new people and figuring out the proper guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus. And it’s virtually impossible to shelter in place when you have no place.

No matter where we look, the instability of this situation is coming at us from all fronts, but it truly shouldn’t be like this. There is enough housing to go around and provide people with safe, affordable, and stable housing. The real obstacle is the priority of this system based on profit and not the well-being of people experiencing a pandemic.

Featured image credit: Pexels / Pixabay