Who Runs the Country? The Rich Of Course!

With tax season coming to an end this year, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris recently released their tax returns to the public – and unsurprisingly both of them are in the top 1%! Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff had an income of 1.2 million dollars and assets between 2 and 7 million dollars. Biden and his wife Jill Biden made over $600,000 this year and had a net worth of between 1.2 million and 2.9 million dollars. For comparison most American households earn $70,000 or less per year.

But Harris and Biden are far from the only politicians who are part of the 1%. More than half of Congress members are millionaires. The richest is the Democratic Senator from Virginia, Mark Warner, who has a net worth of over 200 million dollars.

The rich have many ways to control society – for starters they own and control our economy and the media. But often, they just run the state itself. Democratic and Republican politicians both serve the rich and their capitalist system because most of them are rich themselves! Is it any wonder that this entire society is structured to increase their wealth and profits? In a really democratic society, it would be the workers and the poor, the vast majority of us, who run this society, not the 1% and their lackeys!