What is Bezos Doing to Take One Trillion Dollars?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s wealth – 138 billion dollars right now – is more than the GDP of over 130 countries across the globe. And it’s only getting bigger. Since the beginning of this year alone (including the pandemic and lockdown) Bezos has gained 28 billion dollars, and a recent analysis found him to be on track to become the world’s first trillionaire in 2026.

Millions of people across the world are starving, losing jobs and homes, and facing wage cuts – but the wealth of the capitalist class is only growing. What are they doing to get such ungodly sums of money? Neither Bezos nor his greedy billionaire pals are taking care of sick patients, caring for the elderly, running public transit, or keeping grocery stores open. Bezos isn’t the one who’s keeping Amazon warehouses open and delivering packages.

It’s us workers who are doing that. We’re the ones who are making this society run. But the capitalists are the ones who benefit from all the work we do and all the wealth we create. They’re getting billions – and soon trillions – of dollars while we’re left with wage cuts, unsafe working conditions, and increasingly underfunded social services.

The only way we can end this system and all its brutality, the only way we can actually control the wealth we create and the work we do, is if we fight this capitalist system and its bosses – including Bezos.

Featured image credit: Grant Miller