We Shouldn’t Pay For Their Crisis

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The capitalist system has put humanity in an emergency situation, facing global pandemics, endless wars and militarism, racism, oppression, inequality, the exploitation of the majority of the world’s people, and an environmental catastrophe that threatens all life on this planet. This is not a future we can accept.

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Capitalism is the Pandemic — Socialism is the Cure

For over a year now, we have faced a series of ongoing crises. Like an X-ray, these crises have exposed the functioning of the capitalist system – the rule of the bosses and bankers that exploit and oppress the majority of the people of the world. The sickness and death from the pandemic, and the resulting economic crisis, have pushed more people into desperation and hardship. Read more

Education: The Fight for our Future

The problems in education can’t be solved within a single classroom or school. Education in every society serves to maintain the existing order and to socialize young people to function within it. That means educating children to function in the capitalist system, a system based on the exploitation of the overwhelming majority of people on the planet. It’s a system rooted in genocide, racism, endless war and climate catastrophe. Read more

It’s the Bosses’ War Machine — Not Ours!

The U.S. military machine is a threat to the workers and poor of all nations. The ruling class, their media, and political parties are trying to prepare us for more wars around the world. The hundreds of billions of dollars spent every year to build and maintain their killing machine could be used to provide for our real needs, like housing, healthcare, jobs, education and more. These are the real interests of working-class people, no matter where we live. This is what we need to fight for. Read more


Environmental Destruction is All Around Us

We are facing a crisis like never before. The current organization of production, especially the burning of oil, coal and gas as the main sources of energy, is destroying life on the planet… Read more

protest against racist police

The Brutality of Racism

Race defines much of our lives. It says who we are to a cop, a judge, our school teachers, the hiring committee, the banker loaning us money, the landlord – everyone. It is with us wherever we go… Read more


Housing is a Right! End Evictions!

Even before the pandemic, we were already facing a housing crisis. Record numbers of people were paying nearly half their income in rent, often cramming multiple people into small apartments. Tent cities were on the rise. Millions had to live far from work to afford housing, adding hours to their commute. Since the pandemic, all of this has only gotten worse… Read more

How Dare They Try To Steal Our Future!

We are told we have no choice but to accept this system and integrate into it. We are told to wait for the adults in power to fix the problems. We can’t wait. We are the last generation with a chance to save our ecosystems and humanity. We must fight for the world we deserve… Read more

Quality Health Care for All

The purpose of the current healthcare system is to make profits for the rich, and it has become a multibillion-dollar industry. What could a different system look like, one organized to ensure that all people had the resources and care to live healthy lives… Read more

A System of Inequality

We live in the wealthiest country in the World. But who controls it? It is our labor that creates the wealth of this society. But the corporations and banks and their super rich owners reap the benefits. Their greed has no limits… Read more

Women Fight Back

Capitalism has always depended on the labor of women for profits. Women have often been paid very little or nothing at all, and today they occupy the largest portion of the most essential, precarious and worst-paying jobs… Read more

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