Workplace Health & Safety: A Constant Struggle Under Capitalism

Online Townhall Sat. Aug. 21st

As the economy and our society fully “reopens” with the removal of most health protections, questions are being raised about what this will mean for working people. Regardless of our workplace, the following year has shown us that we will need to take the initiative to demand a safe work environment, because management will not.

Join Speak Out Now for a discussion with Garrett Brown to get useful information about workplace health and safety, the challenges that working people face with COVID-19 transmission at the workplace, and about larger challenges workers face in a system that prioritizes profit over health and safety for workers.

Garrett Brown is a workplace health and safety professional and activist with extensive experience working in both the United States and in the developing world. He recently retired after working over two decades as a Cal/OSHA field inspector and worked as a union organizer in Alabama and Georgia earlier in his life.

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