We Have to Protect Our Interests 

From an Oakland Bus Driver

As of the writing of this article, workers at MUNI, VTA, and here at AC have tested positive for COVID-19. Two drivers, a 41-year-old shop steward from Washington named Scott Ryan, and a 50-year-old from Michigan named Jason Hargrove, both of whom warned of the virus, have passed away. 

Late one night last week, one of the AC Transit bus yards (D2) was shut down because a worker tested positive. The yard was closed for a deep cleaning and management planned to reopen at the start of the week.

The response from those in positions of power have been too little and too late. We can’t afford to wait for someone else to make sure we’re okay. 

We can come together now for virtual town halls on platforms like Zoom and Skype to discuss our concerns and our needs. Together we can find a way to fill the void in leadership and make our interests come first.