Off of Our Cell Phones and Solidarity in the Streets

Like so many, witnessing a man murdered on camera by another with such little compassion or concern compelled me to get into the streets. The death of George Floyd officially ended the shelter in place.  

This was different. Something changed. People were engaged. People were present. People, were… not on their phones! People were talking, engaging, loud, and boisterous… And, they weren’t on their phones!  

For years, many of us have been on our phones, deprived of human contact. Two months of shelter in place, the fear of COVID-19, the loss of financial income, and Trump have finally woken us up to notice one another. We’ve all been living in sub-clinical alienation. All the events of the last years and the intense alienation of the last couple of months have finally broken through this malaise and that image has made us all realize the boot on all our necks.  

Enough of the perma-crisis!

Featured image credit: Leonhard Lenz / Wikimedia Commons