The Hypocrisy of COVID Politics

We know that to remain safe from COVID-19 we must consciously and collectively commit to socially distance from each other.

But the way our so-called “leaders” have gone about supposedly protecting us exposes the heights of insanity and hypocrisy to which the two major political parties have risen.

The Republican Party has created fantasy worlds of denial and confusion while simultaneously being very real about their true priorities: the economy over human life. In other words, reopen everything ASAP, go back to work, and if you get sick, oh, well! And, when they try to flout science and become infected anyway, they often survive because they have access to the very best health care (unlike the rest of us).

The Democratic Party at least outwardly accepts the reality of the virus, and pays lip service to wearing masks and social distancing. But their solutions have been makeshift at best, and their actions hypocritical in the extreme. After the spring lockdown, businesses struggled to stay open, many spending large sums to build outdoor dining areas and retooling their business model. As a second round of lockdowns loom, and winter sets in, how will they survive? Will their workers still have jobs in the spring? The anger of small businesspeople is real, even if they are caught up in right-wing propaganda that denies the severity of this virus. Without more assistance, they could lose their businesses, and thus their livelihoods.

And how about Democratic politicians who have violated social-distancing norms while enforcing them on everyone else? Most famously, California Governor Gavin Newsom had an un-socially distanced dinner at a world famous French restaurant in Napa Valley, not only applying a double-standard regarding who has to follow the rules, but also indicating what type of crowd he hangs with (hint – not us!).

Both political parties have failed us, and so has the system they both prop up. Workers’ health is not a priority. Our ability to make a decent living is not a priority. Profit and political gain drive the system, and we pay the price.

California Governor Gavin Newsom violating his own social distancing rules!

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ignored social distancing guidelines, then tested positive for COVID-19 and survived due to high quality medical care out of reach to working people!