A Return to Whose Normal?

This is what’s normal for their capitalist system, where normal has been the problem to begin with. Whether we accept a return to this normal or strive to bring about a new one will be up to us.


The Omicron Variant: Their System is Killing Us

The longer countries like the U.S. protect the profits of the drug companies and delay vaccinating the rest of the world, the more time the coronavirus has to mutate and cause another surge in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. Once again, this pandemic continues to remind us that their system cannot keep us safe.


What Is Possible? That Depends on U.S. Government’s Priorities

This is the capitalist system – highest efficiency and ingenuity when the goal is invading and committing murder in other countries, but unable to provide basic necessities, housing, utilities, education, healthcare and safety for its own population. The problems that we face having nothing to do with what is and isn’t “possible.” They have everything to do with this system’s priorities.