Ramsey Kanaan: Organizing in Hard Times – Lessons from the Anti-Poll Tax Movement in the U.K.

Presentation by Ramsey Kanaan followed by Q&A

On January 21, millions of people showed their defiance to the new Trump regime. Could we see a movement develop that could challenge the power held by the 1%?

Is it possible? Yes. But how? We can learn from past movements like the one in the United Kingdom against the poll tax in the 1980s.

What role did a small group of anarchists play in generating a fight that led to more than half the adult population breaking the law and refusing to pay a tax that shifted even more of the burden of taxes onto the working class? This movement ultimately forced Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, head of the Conservative government, to resign.

Join Ramsey Kanaan, lifelong publisher and activist, who was part of the movement that began in Scotland as he discusses the highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies, of ten years of wildly successful organizing in the most trying of times.