Politicians Adding Insult to Injury

Two Texas politicians this week told the people they govern just how little they care about us, even during a horrendous climate emergency.

The first example was in the obscene tweet from Tim Boyd, the mayor of Colorado City, Texas, to his constituents:

Far more disturbing than his poor grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, is his insulting attitude toward working people who struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, many of whom have faced falling deeper into poverty and even eviction because of COVID—and then have this winter storm disaster on top of all that.

The second came from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. In the face of this catastrophe, he couldn’t even be bothered to communicate with the people of the state. He simply boarded a plane and left for sunny Cancun, leaving Texans to fend for themselves.

Do we really need people like these “leading” us? NO. We can and should create a different and better way of handling emergencies. But we’ll need to throw off politicians like these who oppress and insult us. It’s time for us to take our future in our own hands.