No to Their Emergency State to Silence Anger

Everyone to their action stations, during the Cop 21: 150 heads of state, 40,000 people gathered at le Bourget, supposedly to curb global warming. It is above all an opportunity for François Hollande and his staff of Ministers to lead a parade, not to say “Welcome to those coming to save the planet” as displayed everywhere, but to create a warmongering climate against the people and the workers of the world, including all of us here.

Save the climate or save their sources of profits?

This COP 21 takes place in a context of increasing war being waged by the great powers in the Middle East, with new bombings on Syria executed by Russia, on top of those led by the US and France. The leaders of the planet claim to target IS, but there are massive civilians casualties. The barbarians of IS are not the only ones to shoot blindly on everybody! These dirty wars have an especially strong smell of oil, as denounced by thousands of demonstrators last Saturday in London and Madrid.

Save the climate or suppress any kind of protest?

In the last two weeks, there has been a kind of internal war against all kinds of activists, ecological, political and trade unionists who want to exercise their right to demonstrate against the government’s policy.

Under the pretext of security, any assembly on public roads is prohibited. Wait! Any political or union assembly. As for commercial events, gatherings and parades towards department stores and malls, they are encouraged! Money must be made! For this it’s ok to risk our lives – guards and cops will not protect us against insane killers, as seen on November13. But we are asked to comply! The extension of the State of emergency for three months was voted in quasi unanimity in the National Assembly, from the National Front to the left Front (all representatives of the latter included – shame on them!).

As a result, the “global march for climate change” was banned last Sunday. Twenty-six activists, among the organizers of the event, have even even been searched and put under house arrest pre-emptively.

In Paris, the République Square was cordoned off by hundreds of riot police officers who trapped and attacked the activists who were there, then took more than 300 to the police station. The demonstrators had come with the slogan “change the system, not the climate”, to say that banks, arm dealers, oil multinationals and the heads of State are the problem and not the solution. They had come to fight greenhouse gases; they were met with tear gases!

Don’t let them intimidate us

The Interior Minister denounced the actions of a “violent minority” on République Square. Yet it’s the government that bears the responsibility for these few clashes. Which were blown out of proportion by the government to justify, after the fact, the ban on demonstrations. Demonstrating would be dangerous, they say, and the police made sure we were convinced! But it would be a thousand times more dangerous to give in to the orders for “social truce”, while the bosses’ attacks know no respite.

For example, among others, against Air France workers, five of them being summoned to Court in Bobigny. Wednesday, December 2, on the call of the trade unions at Air France, we must mobilize against repression, sanctions and layoffs.

Don’t concede anything: it’s time for a state of social emergency

Christmas shopping, concerts, official functions… life must go on, that’s an order from the government! No reason, therefore, to give up on our demonstrations. Let us not be intimidated by the “violent minority”, the real one: big bosses, ministers and warlords. Not to their state of emergency to silence our anger.