Iranian Women Say #No2Hijab

Girls in an Iranian classroom not wearing hijabs

Iranian women celebrated “National Day of Hijab and Chastity” by showing that they won’t be complacent this year in the face of repressive laws. On July 12, women gathered to publicly remove their hijabs and headscarves.

Protesters and others also participated on social media by posting pictures or videos without their headscarves with the hashtag #No2Hijab. Men and women with covered hair participated in the protest as well, supporting the freedom for everyone to choose how they present themselves and pushing back against this misogynist holiday.

Women and people in Iran and around the world should have the freedom to dress however they want to reflect their religious beliefs, cultural values, or personal preferences. No government should have the power to dictate how people present themselves.

In the U.S., recent legislative action has also limited the ability of women and others to make decisions about their own bodies, from abortion access to gender affirming healthcare. But whether it’s reproductive rights or the hijab, people should have the right to determine what’s best for themselves. The women in Iran are demonstrating that it will be up to us to fight for our right to control our own bodies and how we express ourselves.

Whether it’s healthcare decisions, hijabs, or a bare head of hair – these are our choices to make. And how much freedom we have to make these choices in the future depends on what we choose to fight for now!