Fox News: Liars and Hypocrites!

Fox news is well known as a so-called news network that supports right and far-right wing views. They have consistently been cheerleaders of Trump’s presidency while casting doubt on the fact of climate change, stirring up hatred against immigrants and denying the oppression of minorities in the U.S. When Trump lied and told us that coronavirus would be over in a matter of weeks, Fox newscasters parroted his words. The funny thing is that while Fox news was denying coronavirus was a problem, Fox’s owner was acting differently. On March 8, the billionaire Fox chairman, Rupert Murdoch, cancelled his 89th birthday party. Why? Because the hundreds of guests might spread coronavirus and endanger the elderly Fox owner’s health. What a hypocrite! Murdoch doesn’t live by the words his network puts out as news because it’s all a pack of lies meant to hide the real problems from us – the problems created by the capitalist system to profit Murdoch and all his friends and cronies.