Eviction Filings are Out of Control

The number of people threatened with eviction across the country continues to skyrocket. Landlords filed about 3.6 million eviction notices last year, which is about 50% higher than it was before the pandemic. And these numbers are about to increase again as more cities remove the last remaining protections from eviction that were put in place during the pandemic.

But these evictions are happening just as rent is a record high. A lot of landlords can’t wait for the evictions just so they can jack up the rent even more. But this means people won’t just be evicted — they will be thrown out on the streets, unable to afford the average rent in their area. They will either have to move far away, hoping to find something they can barely afford, or they will be forced to join the increasing numbers of people who are unhoused.

We shouldn’t have to live like this, throwing our lives into chaos just so others can make more money. In a sane society, housing would be guaranteed for all.