Biden’s Climate Plan: Way Too Little, Way Too Late

In Greece, [people evacuate from a wildfire which climate change helped create the conditions for.

Two weeks ago, the Biden administration announced a new plan for increasing U.S. solar production capacity to 45% of total U.S. energy production by 2050. Since this is up from only 4% of total U.S. energy production today, major media outlets called it an “ambitious” plan.

But once again, Biden and his plan are demonstrating that they are nowhere near capable of dealing with the global climate crisis that is beginning to affect us in new and deadly ways almost every week. For the Biden proposal, getting us to only 45% will take another 29 years! And that’s if the Democrats can even get the plan passed, which is no guarantee given the ties of many of their own members to fossil fuel interests.

Biden and the Democratic plan would deserve laughter if the topic weren’t so serious.

The UN’s latest report on climate change, released just a couple days ago, reports that we may already be reaching the long predicted “tipping point” that virtually guarantees a far worse case scenario than earlier predictions. So even in the face of an existential crisis for humanity, the Democrats are still unable to challenge the fossil fuel interests that dominate our global economy.

At this point, nothing short of revolutionary change will stop this system that is destroying our planet. This is a blaring call for action from all those who care and feel compelled to act. Let’s organize to end this capitalist system and save our planet and ourselves from the absolute worst outcomes!