BART – Safety is Up to the Workers

Report From a BART Worker

The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system, known as BART, is considered “essential” and continues to be operational during the shelter-in-place order.

The system was already chronically understaffed before this crisis. On top of this, those who clean the stations ran out of bleach and Lysol more than a month ago, and supplies are even harder to get. Access to basic Personal Protective Equipment such as latex gloves and N95 face masks is more difficult than ever. The disinfecting of trains is only done for show – not nearly often or thorough enough to decrease risk to the riders in any meaningful way. And social distancing is impossible since there is no way to help a rider with their ticket or move heavy equipment without violating the 6-foot rule.

BART management is operating as if it is business as usual and endangering the lives of both workers and riders.

Featured image credit: Anagha Varrier / Unsplash