Video: War, Inflation, Growth of the Far-Right … How Can the European Working Class Fight Back?

Online Town Hall: Saturday, October 22

Putin’s violent aggression against Ukraine has accelerated imperialist rivalries. The steep rise in military spending and the explosion of gas prices have little to do with benefiting the oppressed Ukrainian people — but everything to do with the competition between capitalist powers. This situation is being used by the European bosses to push their agenda in attacking the working class. The profit-driven inflation is a weapon of mass destruction against workers’ wages. Militarism, nationalism, and racism are feeding far-right forces, which today participate in a number of European governments.

The working class has not been passive in front of these attacks. Massive strikes in England and large union demonstrations have taken place in France and Belgium, though the union representatives and the politicians they are linked to have tried to limit these initiatives. A real fightback by the European working class represents the only hope to change the situation.

Join us as Raphaël Preston, a long time French revolutionary activist of the French group l’Etincelle (the Spark), a faction of the NPA (New Anti-capitalist Party) will give a presentation on the current situation in Europe.