Young People See through Democratic Party Hypocrisy on Palestine

Long before the ugly October 7 attack on Israel and the Israeli-generated carnage that has followed, many who usually vote Democrat, and specifically many younger voters, were moving away from the Democratic Party’s wholehearted support for Israel. But the past two months of death and destruction have pushed many more to have sympathy for the Palestinian people while losing all tolerance for Zionist propaganda and justifications for their inhumanity. Not only are self-described progressives furious that Biden and the Democratic Party support Israel without condition, but so are young people who otherwise “lean” Democrat.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 74% of Democratic voters under 35 were likely to sympathize with Palestinians, and 77% of those same young Democratic voters don’t think the United States should supply Israel with military aid during the conflict. Needless to say, many young Palestinian-Americans feel the Democratic Party has let them down and is actively supporting the oppressor of their people. One young woman, a 34-year-old Illinois resident, said the following: “Knowing that our tax money could be paying for the weapons that are murdering children by the thousands over there, it’s getting harder to be supportive of our president and our country in general.” She also said that although she “couldn’t see voting for a Republican” she would consider other options next year.

Many people, particularly young people, are seeing through the thin façade of the Democratic Party. If the situation weren’t so sickening, it would be hard to keep a straight face when Biden, or Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, or Congressional Democrats make public statements saying that Israel should do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. But the U.S. government in fact holds the actual power to stop Israel from killing those same civilians. They could stop vetoing U.N. resolutions that might punish Israel. They could immediately stop the billions of dollars in military support for Israel. They could stop Israel dead in its tracks.

But they won’t.

We can easily see that the Democratic Party doesn’t mean what it says when its leaders wring their hands over Palestinian casualties. The Democrats’ leadership just says what it says to make themselves appear to care compared to the Republican Party.