Workers at Amazon Take Responsibility for Health and Strike

Amazon workers in New York at the Staten Island warehouse went on strike on Monday the 30th, demanding that Amazon shut down their shipping center to get it cleaned for Covid-19. At this point there have been multiple Amazon workers who have come down with the disease in recent weeks at the Staten Island facility, but Amazon has refused to have the facility cleaned appropriately. Amazon’s response to the workers? Shut up and go back to work, our profits are worth more than the health of Amazon workers or Amazon customers. Amazon fired Chris Smalls, one of the main organizers of the strike at the facility. The Amazon workers are right to strike for their own safety and ours! If we want to protect ourselves, this is the way, for us workers to take matters into our own hands.

Click here to hear Chris Smalls speaking on CNBC.

Featured image credit: Twitter: @MaketheRoadNY via Democracy Now!