We Stand With the Family of Sean Reed

We stand with the family of Sean Reed, another young black man who has been needlessly and brutally killed by cops in Indianapolis. Reed, 21 years old when he was shot at least 12 times on May 6, was killed by cops pursuing his car. In his video, streamed on Facebook live as he was chased, Reed can be heard speaking to his viewers. As he parks his car, he gives out his location and asks for help, saying “please come get me.” He got out of his car and was tazed, then shot many times at close range.

One of the cops observed casually after the shooting, as he approached Reed’s body, “I think it’s going to be a closed casket, homie.”

As usual, the cops want to blame Reed for his own death: “While we continue to process the scene I believe it’s reasonable to believe that this gun was the individual’s,” the police chief said. “It is a distinct looking gun… we are aware of photos of the driver holding a similar distinct looking weapon.”

Yes, as usual… they will try to frame the victim of their crime. His video circulated widely on social media shows clearly who is after whom. There is no exchange of gunfire evident in the video.

There have been protests at the site of his death, and we hope that these continue, as working and poor people should support every attempt to fight back against brutal police violence.

Featured image credit: Facebook