Reopening the Economy Will Send Us to Hell

April 23, 2020

this article is reprinted from Labor Notes As we head into the fifth month of the outbreak millions of working families feel like they have been kidnapped and sent to hell. As unemployment (officially reported) soars toward 30 percent or

Israel and the U.S. – The Special Relationship

October 1, 2014

It is clear the U.S. and Israel have a special relationship. Every U.S. official has to make this absolutely clear whether they sit in Congress or in the Oval Office. During the latest war Israel inflicted on Gaza, while nearly

ISIS – A Product of U.S. Imperialism

October 1, 2014

U.S. warplanes have started bombing communities in Syria and Iraq, targeting the group called ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In the last year, ISIS has rapidly extended its control into areas of both Iraq and Syria, which

The United States – The Cop of the World

October 1, 2014

The U.S. government acts like the cop of the world. It claims that when it wages war, it is protecting people. Politicians do their best to mask U.S. military violence in the language of humanitarian intervention and the promotion of

150 years of Rape, Pillage, Plunder

August 1, 2013

Immigrants from Latin America come to the U.S looking for a better life, but there is a reason life is so difficult in the countries they are forced to flee. It is not just that the governments are corrupt and

The Other Civil War: The Railroad Strike Of 1877

April 1, 2013

In 1877, a strike erupted across the U.S. which newspapers called an “insurrection” and even a “revolution.” Just twelve years after the civil war ended, railroad workers led the first nationwide strike in U.S. history. It was the first time

Iraq After Ten Years of War and Occupation

April 1, 2013

Ten years ago, in March 2003, the U.S. government launched an invasion and occupation of Iraq. The last ten years have meant the devastation of Iraq and its population. The infrastructure from water to sanitation to health care has been