Steve Bannon’s Border Wall – A Scam On Top of a Scam

Image credit: Mark Kauzlarich / Bloomberg

Last week, Trump’s former senior advisor Steve Bannon was charged with fraud for pocketing donations to a private fund-raising campaign that claimed to help Trump build more sections of wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Bannon and his partners raised $25 million from hundreds of thousands of donors, promising it would be spent on new sections of wall. By the time he was arrested, Bannon had already spent a million of it to subsidize his own absurdly extravagant lifestyle.

The irony here is that Bannon’s “We Build the Wall” campaign was already a scam anyway! The entire initiative to build the wall in the first place is based on the racist and utterly unfounded idea that immigrants from Mexico are the cause of the United States’ problems.

The truth is, the whole political ideology of the far-right has always been one huge scam. It’s a scam that promises working people who have U.S. citizenship that they will be free and prosperous if they stab their brothers and sisters in the back. It’s a scam that says:

“Leave the real cause of your problems – the capitalist system – alone. Help us keep the poor and working class of the world divided, thereby depriving yourself of any chance of actually making your lives better. And for that small price, you get to call yourself ‘white’ or ‘a man’ or ‘an American’ and pretend you’re better than everyone else.”

It’s the same old racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic scam that’s as old as capitalism itself. The only thing that’s new this time, is that Bannon was scamming people who were already buying into the scam!