Santos Caught Red Handed – Politicians Lie all the Time

George Santos, a newly elected Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives from New York, has been caught telling a series of lies about his personal and professional background. He appears to have lied about his family, his education, his work background, and more. There seems to not be a single truth to the background he has presented, and as one lie is uncovered, another is discovered. He lied about where he went to school. He falsely claimed to be Jewish. He lied about his mother dying on September 11, and told many more ridiculous lies during his campaign.

In the last few days, under significant media pressure, some Republicans began calling on Santos to step down. But he refuses to resign, and many Republicans support him. Newly appointed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to seat him on a congressional committee and said, “The voters elected him to serve … and [they] can make another decision in two years.”

Santos has shown that a politician can fabricate his entire resume and personal history with no consequences. Of course the Republicans will just accept these lies to protect a Republican seat in the House. George Santos may have been caught red handed, but his case is only another example of the outrageous lies politicians will tell just to get elected.