Microplastics: One Small Part of a Toxic System

Image credit: Oregon State University

We all encounter pollution in one form or another as a part of life on Earth, but do we really understand how much of our lives are being threatened by toxic substances?

Microplastics have gotten a lot of attention in recent environmental fights because they are a byproduct of the fossil fuel industry, they aren’t “cost-effective” to eliminate, and they are found literally everywhere. It’s been well documented that we’ve been unintentionally eating and inhaling small particles of plastics from a very early age, but in a recent study microplastics were found in the blood of 80% of participants. And although the sample size was relatively small, with only 22 people, it’s not hard to imagine that this statistic is fairly close to the reality considering how pervasive microplastic pollution has become. 

These toxic particles are wreaking havoc on the environment and on our bodies. But this plastic pollution can be stopped. Collectively we can push back and fight to eliminate the entire fossil fuel industry – which produces the raw material used to make all microplastics – so these toxic particles are removed from the environment and stopped from entering our bodies.