Media Ignores the Death of 700 Migrants

Migrants cram into a battered fishing boat that later capsized and sank off southern Greece on June 14, 2023. source: Hellenic Coast Guard

Last week, the news wouldn’t stop about the five super-wealthy passengers of the Titan — the underwater sea vessel built by a billionaire to travel down to the wreckage of the Titanic. It is now believed the Titan quickly imploded from the pressure of the deep waters, killing the five on board.

Also last week, about 700 migrants died after a fishing vessel capsized off the coast of Greece, in one of the deadliest migrant shipwrecks ever recorded. Most of the migrants were women and children from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria and Palestine.

The five on the Titan, two of whom were billionaires, died on a reckless adventure they chose to pay enormous sums of money to go on, while the hundreds of migrants died fleeing their countries in a desperate act of survival. But the news media chose to cover the tragedy of the five rich people, and practically ignored the tragedy of the 700 migrants. In this society, apparently the lives of the rich are more valuable than lives of migrants trying to survive.