Eight Migrants Killed in a Boat Off the Coast of San Diego, California

The Biden administration, in spite of its promises, has maintained the same hostility to migrants as the Trump administration. Under the same emergency health law, invoked during the COVID crisis, border agents have the right to turn people away at the border who would otherwise have the right to seek asylum in the USA. One of the results of this policy is that more migrants are attempting dangerous crossings, by land or by sea, to enter the country.

On Sunday, March 15, at least eight people were killed when two boats capsized. Others may have survived and made it to shore. This tragedy is one of hundreds of such disasters. In 2022 alone, 800 migrants died attempting to cross the U.S. Southern border. According to federal agencies, the number of attempts by sea have tripled in San Diego in the last three years.

These deaths are a direct result of the continued crack-down on immigration at the border. U.S. policy has wrecked the economies of Central and South America, as well as other countries around the world.  And when people try to make it to the U.S., to escape the horrible conditions they are living in, they find barriers and borders in the way. Biden has no claim to any more compassion or care than the Trump administration did. Their militarized border is murdering people, and the problem can’t be ignored away. No human being should be considered illegal and forced to risk their life this way!