Kaiser Mental Health Workers Continue the Fight

Image source: NUHW

Note: This article comes from the most recent edition of Speak Out Now’s Healthcare Newsletter

Kaiser mental health workers in Northern California have reached week 4 of their strike. They are fighting alongside Hawaiian mental health workers, who have also been on strike since August 29th. Their fight is linked to absurd levels of understaffing, which leads patients to suffer long waits just to receive a single appointment.

Their strike shines a light on the fact that Kaiser, which had enormous profits during the pandemic (over $8 billion in 2021!), continues to completely neglect to hire additional mental healthcare workers. This despite the growing demand for mental health care.

According to the union, in California there is only one mental health professional for more than 2000 patients. This means that not only the lives of patients (often in need of urgent care) are put on the line, but overworked mental health workers are expected to perform miracles, with limited resources.

Kaiser workers are continuing to show that this is not acceptable. And so long as conditions remain, they are keeping up the fight.

Visit www.nuhw.org/2022-kaiser-strike-dates-and-locations/ to see strike dates and locations. Join a picket if you’re able and show your solidarity!