Is It Genocide? Of Course It Is!

Over the past three months, the world has watched in horror the massive slaughter carried out against the Palestinian people by the State of Israel, with the full backing of the United States. Since October 7th, over 23,000 people in Gaza have been killed with more and more bodies being dug out of the rubble of buildings that have been destroyed. Those that are still alive are fighting to live with around half of the population starving from the blockade which has cut off food as well as clean water, electricity and medical supplies. Millions of people are displaced.

Recently, the South African government has put forward an effort to try Israel for genocide in the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, an organ of the United Nations. The International Court of Justice was set up in the aftermath of the Second World War and the horrors of the Holocaust, ostensibly to hold nations accountable for any atrocities that they would be guilty of. With cynical irony, the Zionists who weaponize the trauma of the Holocaust have twisted the cries of “never again” into “never again for just us” are now committing many of the same unspeakable acts in front of the whole world.  

If there was any question about whether Israel has any intention to carry out genocidal war crimes, why not listen to the words coming out of the mouths of some of their top public figures?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a public speech, “…we will turn Gaza into an island of ruins.” Yoav Gallant, Israeli Defense Minister publicly said, “…there will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. Everything is closed. We are fighting animal people, and we are acting accordingly.” Daniel Hagari, a top Israeli military spokesperson said, “…we are dropping hundreds of bombs on Gaza. The focus is on destruction, not accuracy.” Amichai Eliyahu, an Israeli minister, has even suggested that dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza should be seen as a possible option, saying that, “…there are no non-combatants in Gaza.” This is just some of the genocidal rhetoric that they have been unapologetically promoting in public.

What could come from this particular trial in the International Court of Justice? Even if Israel is found guilty, will this condemnation apply any brakes to Israel’s slaughter? It is unlikely that it would have much of an impact. Israel has ignored the United Nations since day one, and has the imperialist backing of the United States, which also either uses the United Nations when needed or stops it from taking action against Israel. 

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, do we need a court in the Hague to tell us what is right in front of our eyes? Of course not! Israel is carrying out genocidal acts against the Palestinian people.

In fact, a real “World Court,” a true “Peoples’ Court,” already exists – it can be found in the streets!

The people of the world in the millions have made it loud and clear that we will not stand by idly as genocide is carried out against the Palestinian people. From Egypt to the United Kingdom, Indonesia to the United States, people have taken to the streets in masses, occupied government buildings, shut down political events, closed bridges and more. Real justice, whether for the Palestinians or anyone else, will come only when working-class and poor people take total control of society all over the world and finally are in a position to really determine our futures.