For a workers’ Europe, vote Lutte Ouvrière

In this European election campaign, Nathalie Loiseau and Macron are presenting themselves as the “progressive”, defenders of the European union against nationalism, which leads to war. But it is not easy to swallow their propaganda.

Macron’s “progressive” outlook

These alleged “progressive” are responsible for social regression.

The public servants who were on strike and in the streets last Thursday know it. Their wages keep being frozen. And the lack of resources is permanent, with massive job cuts, budget cuts, and a plan to generalise precarious contacts. This is why emergency departments are on strike, in Paris hospitals and elsewhere in the country.

Fearing a generalisation of protests following the yellow jackets example, interior minister Castaner did not think twice before slandering demonstrators withhis own “fake news”, accusing them to have “attacked” the Pitié-Salpetrière hospital on May 1st. But it is the government that is breaking hospitals by bleeding them!

It is also against the lack of resources in schools, and against education minister Blanquer’s reform, that many teachers are mobilised.

Macron’s policy can be summarised as: everything for the rich and the large corporations. Those, from Ford to PSA, from Carrefour to Auchan, have free hands to destroy jobs by closing plants and shops.

Using muscle

Macron pretends he is fighting authoritarian leaders like Salvini and Orban. But he and Castaner know a lot about strong-arm methods. They have sent police to charge and gas yellow jackets demonstrations for months. But this has not diminished the yellow jackets’ resolve. Their movement keeps on going and sets the tone for social protests.

No to Europe surrounded by barbed wires

The Europe of Macron and Merkel has closed borders, with barbed wires, checkpoints, sea and ground patrols. It is a Europe that hinders the work of humanitarian boats. These border closures cause thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea every year. People are left to die simply because they want to escape from misery and find a place where they can work and live with dignity.

How can politicians responsible for the deaths of migrants on Europe’s borders pretend to fight against nationalism and war?

Long live internationalism!

Borders will not protect workers. Neither European or French borders. Politicians such as those in the far-right Rassemblement National, who speak of protecting France and accuse Europe of being responsible for all our problems, serve the rich as much as Macron. This alleged opposition would never attack the capitalists, who are the ones responsible for unemployment and low wages. Marine le Pen’s party only seeks to divide workers.

The European elections on May 26th will not change the life of workers, unemployed, and pensioners. We cannot change the balance of power with the ballot box. Only through our mobilisation will we be able to get strong enough to be feared by the rich and dispute their power. Through our fights we will be able to build the necessary solidarity between all the exploited, here and across borders.

In these elections, only one list is clearly on the side of workers, revolutionary and internationalist: the Lutte Ouvrière list led by Nathalie Arthaud and Jean-Pierre Mercier. They are supported by the New Anticapitalist Party of Olivier Besancenot and Philippe Poutou.

On May 26th, vote Lutte Ouvrière!