Find a Vaccination Site? There Has to Be a Better Way

For nearly the past year everyone has been talking about how awfully this pandemic has been handled by those in power. From the White House all the way down to the local level, we are capable of so much more than what we have seen. Case in point with the rollout of various New York City and State websites for the public to sign up for the vaccine.

Nothing was centralized, and it was so complicated that those who succeeded in signing up for the vaccine were mostly young and tech savvy. This led one young person to think, “there has to be a better way,” and create something better on their own. A 31-year-old software engineer from Airbnb designed one site that gathered and centralized available appointments throughout the city and state which updated in real time, costing less than $50 to create! It’s called “turbovax” and here it is:

Another group of community-minded individuals did the same for the State of California. They call their site “vaccinateca” and their info can be found here: Just put in your zip code. It’s run fully by volunteers.

Yes, there absolutely is a better way. When we step forward we show the potential for creating a better society… collectively.