Fightback Section (March 2013)

Warren, Michigan – February 28th Workers at a stamping plant in Warren, Michigan went on strike. Chrysler’s sale of cars and trucks has more than doubled in the last few years. To meet the demands of production, Chrysler has moved to a three-shift schedule,  working four, ten-hour days a week.

India – February 20-21 Workers from all across India went on strike for one day. The strike was called by India’s unions as workers were fed up with the Indian government and bosses who have consistently violated contracts and refused to negotiate. The strike was only a demonstration of strength, lasting for just two days. But the strike involved 100 million workers making it the largest strike in human history. Certainly this shows the immense power of the Indian working class if it decides to mobilize its strength all together.

Port Said, Egypt – February 17 (Ongoing) Huge protests have taken place in the Egyptian city of Port Said for over three weeks. Crowds of between 20,000 and 100,000 have filled the streets, protesting the government-imposed curfew. Ongoing protests have taken place here since the government sentenced 21 soccer players to death for participating in a deadly riot last year. This ruling is seen as an attack against the soccer fans, not for their crimes but for having been active participants during and ever since the revolution that began in 2011.