COVID-19 Surging Again

Recent COVID-19 cases. Credit: Effeietsanders (source)

Trump had been trumpeting that media reports on COVID-19 would end right after the election. Well, contrary to what the current president has said, the election is over, and we are far from “rounding the corner” on this virus. Instead, we are hitting new records. One was broken last Friday, with 82,929 cases reported in one day.

In fact, this rise is occurring globally, with no end in sight. In England, the National Health Service stated this week that hospitals are expecting more patients with COVID-19 in the next two weeks than at the period of time health officials previously thought was the peak. In Brazil, with one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks, there are over 54 million cases of infection, and currently 158,000 dead. And this doesn’t even take the vulnerability of the indigenous populations living in the remote Amazonas into consideration.

The numbers are horrifying enough, but the pain, suffering, and lost lives are even more outrageous considering that so much could have been done to mitigate the damage felt by people all over the world.

If we have any hope “rounding a corner,” it’s going to take a global effort. Collecting unbiased data, following guidelines set by epidemiologists, and workers from all industries collaborating together with a clear goal in mind: Slowing the transmission of COVID-19, bringing the death toll down, and organizing a society in which we’re in control of our health, safety and lives.