Capitalism is the Pandemic — Socialism is the Cure

Who Is Responsible for the Crises Today?

For over a year now, we have faced a series of ongoing crises. Just like an MRI or an X-ray, these crises have exposed the functioning of the capitalist system – the rule of the bosses and bankers that exploit and oppress the majority of the people of the world. The sickness and death from the pandemic, and the resulting economic crisis, have pushed more people into desperation and hardship.

Science and healthcare, under the control of a corporate, for-profit system, have shown an almost total disregard for the health and safety of the majority, especially the most fragile and vulnerable people in society. In the rich countries many people are getting vaccinated, while in the poorest countries, no vaccines are being provided. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies take their profits to the bank. And as the majority of the world suffers, the 650 U.S. billionaires have gotten $1.2 trillion dollars richer during the pandemic. Their net worth now exceeds $4 trillion.

The One Percent’s domination of the world’s resources, production, and labor creates a world of inequality, one that is perpetually at war and facing a deepening climate catastrophe, forcing millions to flee and swelling the number of refugees. Racism, sexism and many other prejudices are used by those in power to divide us and turn us against each other, to prevent us from unifying against them. The primary goal of their governments, whether brutal dictatorships or so-called democracies, is to protect the profits of the rich. And the corporate-funded social action groups (the NGOs), and the union officials are used as a buffer to constantly re-focus our justified anger into limited fights for reforms and in elections. These fights usually end up in a dead-end, or win some gains that are then lost when we’re no longer in fighting mode.

Who Can Make the Changes We Need?

The working class of the world does all the work to make society run; we produce all of the products and run all of the services. But we don’t get to decide how our work is organized, who benefits from our labor, or how society is run. Why should we continue to accept this unjust order?

The time for change is now – the forces exist. We are the majority. We need to organize and fight to take power into our own hands. We need to sweep away the rule of the One Percent and create a new order under the democratic rule of the majority.

We need to create a new system, one that’s run by and for the majority. We no longer have a choice about responding to global warming, as the clock runs out on the time left to act.

The working class of the world has the power to make this happen…if we organize our forces and if we build the international revolutionary organizations we need to lead this struggle.

It Could Be Different – It Must Be Different

If we cleansed the world of the capitalist parasites, and re-organized the economic and political system so it was run in the interest of the majority, imagine the life we could lead. We could live sustainably, in harmony with nature. We could eradicate racism, sexism, and all other reactionary prejudices. We could bring an end to imperialism and war.

We could all participate in running society collectively and collaboratively. Everyone could have a job and everyone could be guaranteed quality housing, education, and healthcare. We could build thriving communities, enjoy nature, make art and music, read, explore and relax. Another world is possible. Another world is necessary.

The Future Is in Our Hands!

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