Biden’s Support for Bessemer Workers is Paper Thin

Image credit: Credit: Fibonacci Blue, CC BY 2.0.

Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama have been organizing to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. If these workers successfully build a union at Amazon, a notoriously anti-union company, it would be a signal to thousands more that it is possible. On Sunday, February 28, the Biden administration denounced Amazon’s anti-union propaganda and, though he didn’t endorse the union, he said he generally supported unions and thinks they are a good thing.

This support from Biden is only paper thin. How could it be otherwise? Biden’s campaign received almost a million dollars in direct donations from Amazon, and support for his campaign through the company’s vast influence. By voicing a little support for workers, the Biden administration is preparing for what it knows Bessemer represents – the threat that workers across the United States are going to get more organized and start defending themselves against Biden’s buddies like Amazon’s almost-trillionaire CEO, Jeff Bezos. By posing as a friend of the Bessemer workers, Biden wants to benefit from the votes and support of workers and unions, especially if they are going to get organized and grow. But what policies do you think Biden will implement with that support? Policies to benefit Biden’s billionaire donors, of course!