Algeria: One year later, Hirak is still here!

February 24, 2020

“We didn’t come to party, we came to get you out!” Chanting this slogan that in the streets of Algiers and many other Algerian cities, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched again last weekend. Two days in a row that

Elections 2020: Who Will Decide Our Future?

February 23, 2020

Many people are looking at the primary election on March 3, Super Tuesday, as a way to change the situation in this country. They want to get rid of Trump – given who he is, what he has done, and

The Climate Emergency (September, 2019)

February 20, 2020

Climate scientists have warned us that we are facing a planetary emergency which threatens the survival of most species on the planet. Yet the world’s most powerful governments and corporations insist on staying the same catastrophic course.

Canadians Show us our Collective Power!

February 19, 2020

Massive protests by indigenous Canadians and their allies have shut down many of the main railway lines across Canada – in solidarity with the resistance of the Wet’suwet’en Nation to an oil pipeline being built on their traditional land. The

The Latest in the Harvey Weinstein Case

February 19, 2020

Jury negotiations began for Harvey Weinstein’s multiple allegations of rape on Tuesday, February 18th. Though more than ninety women have come forward claiming they were sexually harassed or assaulted by the movie mogul, only two cases have been brought before

After us, they have a go at our kids?

February 10, 2020

High schools occupied by cops, kids gassed, teachers threatened… After us, they have a go at our kids? [Explanation of the title “After us, our kids ? » –In French : “Après nous, nos enfants” ?. It is a kind of

Housing is a Human Right!

February 9, 2020

Five Oakland women took over a vacant house in November so they and their children could sleep with a roof over their heads. The owner of the house, a southern Californian company named Wedgewood, invests in housing in 18 states.

New NAFTA is a Climate Disaster: Why does Warren Vote Yes?

February 6, 2020

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign messaging proclaims that she will take climate change seriously. Her campaign website decries, “… right now, Washington refuses to lift a finger without permission from the fossil fuel industry. That’s dangerous and it’s wrong. We need a

Super Bowl: Bringing People Together

February 3, 2020

A feeling of excitement was in the air for some of us in the Bay Area as the 49ers tried to win their sixth Super Bowl titles against the Chiefs, and their first since 1995. While the 49ers played well for

No Blanquer baccalaureate, no poverty pensions

February 3, 2020

The majority of RATP’s railway workers had to end the indefinite strike that began on 5 December against pension reform. But the response to the government’s attacks that began two months ago is not over. The thousands of firefighters who